Unit 4

A.  Pre-reading question
1.)  People have much more stay time but in the future. Function of robots maximal than people.
 Robots will help us in the home,  help ourself to finish homework.
Robot will make someone a more lazy to working.
2.) we like to see robot to recycle trash.
We like to see robot to detect dissease.
B. Reading
Paragraph 1
Gates suggest that soon robot will be adopted in the home in the some way thay personal computers have been
Paragraph 2
Second, cameras, GPS and voice recognition software enable robots to react to the world around them.
Paragraph 3
Think of all the effort they will save us!  We will have time to do the things we love.
C.  Identifying topic and main idea
1.c. robots in the home
2.c. robots will take care of older people and make sure that they take their medicine.
E.  Identifying opinions
1.a. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.
Going beyond the text
1. We agree if a robot becomes on airline pilot because to minimize of human error. Human error come to everytime if airline pilot is human with human error can be accident.
2. We don’t agree if a robots become a cook because the people cook more delicious than robot and only do the system operation.
3. We don’t agree if a robot becomes a doctor brcause is not everytime has doing. We can not to consultation about our healty.
4. We don’t agree if a robot becomes on police officer because the robot can not serve and protect and defend the public.  Robot also can not be responsible.
5.we don’t agree if a robot becomes on singer because robot can’t singing well than people.  For example the expression of the singer robot cant improve the song.
6. We don’t agree if a robot becomes on store clerk to minimize range of working and also unemployment level in our country.
7. We agree if a robot becomes on taxi driver because eficient time. And also to keep vanilain.
8. We don’t agree if a robot becomes on teacher because we can not ask something wrong in privacy robot human and impossible if robot to teaching human.


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