Sopi, a skillfull Badminton

His complete name is Musyahidin, but people usually call him Sopi or Musa. I’m always call him is Sopi. I have been knowing him since 2013, as a man who have capability in Badminton. Sopi was born in Sukadana, he is my best friend ad my class mate in senior high school.

There were some questions I asked to him and I will just write it for you bellow. Check it out!

Sasa  : since when you start to playing Badminton?
Sopi  : since 10 years old and that time I was in class 4 SD.
Sasa  : oh, you playing badminton, are you training with coach or nature of talent?
Sopi  : first, I get training and I borrow a racket but I should to clean up a square.
Sasa  : why you choose badminton? Why don’t volley or football?
Sopi  : hahahahaha.. because in my village, majority of people is badminton atlet. Why I don’t coose volley ball? Because I don’t like volley and I have a small     body.
Sasa  : ohh, hahahahaha... I have a small body and same with you, never give up. What are benefits do you get from having with playing badminton?
Sopi  : I  just get the winner of 3 and 4 and money from playing badminton. I’m
          never get the winner 1 hehehe.
Sasa  : what the competititon ?
Sopi  : the competition badminton of open tournament, O2SN and more
           competitionbut I’m forget.
Sasa  : oke, how many you training in one week? Are you have a coach?
Sopi  : yes I have, my name coach is Hifni Syaifullah. My schedule for training is five of one week.
Sasa  : are you have a idol?
Sopi  : of cours, I have an idol. My idol is Antoni Sinosuka Ginting.
Sasa  : oke oke, what do you hoped with Indonesia badminton now?
Sopi  : I hope all of badminton player can spread all of in Indonesia to becaome
         trainer badminton player in territory.



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