Apple Logo


How to Make Apple Logo in CorelDraw

Hasil gambar untuk cara membuat logo apple
How to make a apple logo creation is as follow.

open your corel draw in computer!

1. use the pen tool located on the left side of the tool box. Click on the points to form the basic pattern apple. As the picture  below.

2. Use the shape tool in the tool box. Then right-click and choose convert to curve. as the picture below.

 3. By the using the shape tool then set the direction of the arrow on a blue suit curvature as shown below.

 4. Then  use the pen tool to creat leaves on the apple logo as pictured below.
5. with the shape tool then leaves the apple logo the each point by right clicking your mouse and select convert to curve

6. Give a apple red colour and for tree green colour.
I think tha'ts all about how to make apple logo in coreldraw, see you next time. I hope give your information..


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